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Aston Martin Vantage Will Serve As The 2024 F1 Safety Car

Aston Martin's updated Vantage sports vehicle will serve as the 2024 Formula One safety vehicle. This weekend at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the 20-car Formula One grid will be led for the first

This Skoda Superb Is A 720 HP Wagon With Audi Muscle In Disguise

Although the Superb is Skoda's most popular vehicle, this particular iteration is everything but average. Interestingly, this pre-facelift Superb, a car from an earlier generation with a wago

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Meet The New 542 HP Maserati GranCabrio—Innovation in Motion

The new GranCabrio, Maserati's drop-top sibling to the GranTurismo, which debuted in 2022, has been unveiled at last. Interestingly, this convertible's Trofeo trim level is the first to offer

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Kimera Evo38 Ignites Lancia Legacy: A Bold Italian Resurgence

After years on ice, Lancia's recent comeback with the Peugeot-based Ypsilon was... underwhelming. But another Italian company, Kimera Automobili, has a much cooler idea for reviving the brand'

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Electrified Ineos Fusilier Marks The Beginning Of A New Era For Off-Roading

Ineos just showed off its first all-electric vehicle, the Fusilier, proving that it's not solely focused on vehicles with internal combustion engines. The company will let customers get a gas engi

Extreme Parking Fail: Audi Goes Sideways in Massachusetts Madness!

You're not gonna believe this parking job I saw! Buckle up, because this is wild. So, this Audi driver in Massachusetts was determined to get a spot near the grocery store, even if it seemed im

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The All-New McLaren 750S Is Here To Set A New Standard For Performance And Power

Since the MP4-12C's 2011 debut, McLaren has made remarkable progress, which is evidence of a significant shift in its clientele. Nicolas Brown, the President of McLaren Americas, told the audience

Top 5 Driving Laws Drivers Want Reformed for Safer Roads

Let's face it, the road can be a jungle (minus the lions, hopefully). And just like any jungle, it needs some rules to keep things from getting, well, wild. But are those rules actually working? Y

Ararkis Sandstorm Electric Hypercar To Shake Up The Industry

Hey, everyone! Meet the Sandstorm from Ararkis Automobili, a newcomer in the hypercar world with bold performance claims. While it's currently just flashy renderings, it aims to be the world&

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Volkswagen ID 7 Tourer Arrives To Redefine Electric Estates

Volkswagen has just introduced its latest electric ride, the ID 7 Tourer, and it's getting everyone talking. This stylish estate car is geared towards folks who want luxury without compromising on

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