Nissan ZEOD RC.

by AllAutoExperts    |  24 June, 2013

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The renowned Japanese experimental project, Nissan Deltawing – designed for endurance races, is continued through an electric racing car concept with a rather odd name: Nissan ZEOD RC.

Why ZEOD? The Japanese say that these initials stand for Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car. It is anticipated that a prototype of this model will participated at the next endurance races at Le Mans, in 2014, in the garage 56 category, dedicated to vehicles with unconventional technology.

For now, the Japanese refuse to provide information related to the ZEOD RC's technical characteristics; they proudly stated one thing only, namely that the racing car is designed to reach speeds of 300 kmph and more!

The debut of the first prototype will take place on the Sarthe circuit, event that will be broadcast on the manufacturer’s YouTube channel, as well as on its own online channel,