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Toyota Recalls 102,000 Lexus LX And Tundra Trucks Over Engine Failure Risk

Minute pieces of debris can cause engine failure in just over 102,000 Toyota vehicles. Specifically, the recall affects Tundras and Lexus LXs manufactured in 2022 and 2023. Twin-turbocharged V6 e

Top 5 Driving Laws Drivers Want Reformed for Safer Roads

Let's face it, the road can be a jungle (minus the lions, hopefully). And just like any jungle, it needs some rules to keep things from getting, well, wild. But are those rules actually working? Y

Tuned BMW M3 Competition xDrive Pushes Limits: Generates 1027 HP, Outperforms Lamborghini

In a jaw-dropping display of automotive prowess, a tuning shop in Puerto Rico has unleashed the full potential of the BMW M3 Competition xDrive, elevating it to a staggering 1027 horsepower. This rema