Car News
Pagani Huayra R Evo: The Ultimate Open-Top Thrill Ride

Pagani just unleashed the Huayra R Evo and it's a total game-changer. Picture this: 888 horsepower of pure adrenaline, making it the beefiest Pagani to hit the streets (or should I say tracks?).

Imagining the Future: A Luxury Saab SUV Concept by Lucid Motors' Designer

Although Saab is labeled as being dead with no chance of revival, that hasn’t deterred a senior designer from Lucid Motors from walling in the fantasy of picturing a future luxury SUV cherishing

Mastering the Dance: Exploring Four-Wheel Steering in Cars

Today is about diving into the world of cars that practically dance on the road thanks to something called four-wheel steering (4WS) or all-wheel steering (AWS). Remember those '80s vibes? Well, c

Active Road Noise Cancellation: Transforming Cars into Havens of Quiet

Are you ready to dive into something pretty cool that's making our cars quieter than a library on a Sunday morning? Ever heard of Active Road Noise Cancellation? If not, buckle up (pun intended) b

Car News
Bugatti's Revolutionary Leap: Unveiling the Future with a New Hybrid Marvel

A new Bugatti happens once in a blue moon. The company, with its headquarters in Mosheim, launched only two models in its Volkswagen Group era. Veyron was introduced in 2005, and Chiron in 2016. Now,

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BMW Unveils iX2 eDrive20: The Future of Electrified Mobility at an Unmatched Price

Besides the official Series 4 Coupe and the Convertible announcement, BMW introduced a new electrifying entry-level iX2, named eDrive 20. The iX2 eDrive20 sales will start in March, with the prices

Car News
Revolutionized 2025 Ford Explorer: A New Era of SUV Luxury and Power

It’s been almost five years since Ford introduced the sixth Explorer generation in 2019, with the mid-sized SUV being one of the most popular vehicles in its lineup.  For 2025MY, Explore

Car News
EU's New Rule: Every Car to Have a 'Black Box' by July 2024

Hey everyone, guess what's happening over in Europe with new cars? Starting in July 2024, every new car rolling out in the EU is going to have its own 'black box', kind of like what you fi

Car Show
Akio Toyoda Displayed His Suzuki Jimny At The Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, Akio Toyoda exhibited the legendary Suzuki Jimny at Toyota's stand, taking everyone by surprise. Suzuki rejected the idea of a badge-engineered Toyota Jimny, hig

Porsche's Secret Weapon: The Warp Connector Suspension

Remember that Porsche 911 Carrera 4S that smashed the altitude record last December? Guess what? It's got a little secret under its hood – well, under its whole body, really. And it's

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