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Graveyard Carz New Season Starts in October !

Graveyard Carz is one of the best automotive shows on TV. It airs on the Velocity channel and the premiere of the new season is on October 7, 2015. The shop and the team are experts in restoring Mo

Car News
Goodwood Who? Goodwood kind of got buried by the Frankfurt Auto Show, but here are some videos for those of you who missed it. (Video)

The Goodwood historic auto races run every year, it is the world's largest annual event that features the most recognized racing cars of all time. These are cars of immense value from both a hi

Subaru has finally introduced the long awaited STI Performance Concept!

The new concept, presented by Subaru at the Geneva Motor Show is to preview the most extreme version of the BRZ series. The engineers from Subaru Tecnica International have equipped the coupe with

Rolls-Royce came to senses! They will launch an SUV!

It's not the end of the world yet the news is worthy of attention. After Bentley scared the competition with "the most luxurious SUV in the world", the turn came for Rolls-Royce to take

Car News
Thieves can steal your car in only 90 seconds!

The video below was caught on CCTV cameras in Britain, where there are recorded at least 17 stolen cars on daily basis! Amazingly those are not old and ugly cars but all sorts of sports car such as Au

Car News
From BACKSTAGE: How the the new Ford GT was born! (VIDEO)

Ford in collaboration with the XBox have developed a new video which guarantees you a virtual peek in the American automobile workshops where was born the new sport car Ford GT. Designed to be test

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