Audi Will Demonstrate to Tesla How Self-Driving Cars Are Actually Built

Audi is taking self-driving cars seriously. With all-electric vehicles like Audi e-tron GT and e-tron SUVs now on the market, the German luxury and technology brand is turning its attention to a f

How About A 3D Sound With Dolby Atmos System Inside A 2022 Lucid Air Car?

It's all about car features that tempt the customer's attention and every automaker is trying to put an original one in each one of its cars. Lucid Air came up with a different

Canoo Electric pickup Unveiled at Motor Press Guild’s Virtual Media Day

A modernized electric pickup truck was revealed by Canoo at the Motor Press Guild’s Virtual Media Day. This is the third vehicle launched and produced on Canoo’s proprietary platform. As w

The First Off-Planet Rover to Have Headlights - NASA's New Water-Hunting Rover

None of the wheeled rovers and robots that have been sent from Earth to other places have actually had headlights of any kind. NASA’s next lunar rover, VIPER, is going to change that.

Car News
Mazda Nagare Concept can be a real car in 2020!

This is a Mazda Nagare concept that was presented at the LA Motor Show. The name Nagare stands for the Japanese flow, which represents the main feature of the car's exterior design - it seems as

Car News
Most Notable Things At CES 2016

CES has been focusing its efforts towards implementing the digital technologies in the automotive world and 2016 is about to set a new record in this domain. The FF ZERO 1 Concept was awarded the A

Car News
10 Things You Never Knew About The Ford Mustang

Here's a look at some of the lesser-known facts about the great American Ford Mustang. There's no doubt that the Ford Mustang forever changed the automotive industry, creating an entirely n

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