Find out about the story of a fire truck collector. 400 units collected! (VIDEO)

by AllAutoExperts    |  6 July, 2015

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While some millionaires are crazy about collecting supercars and old,classic cars, there are others that have passion for something different, something like fire trucks.Andrew Leider is one of them.He is a businessman from New York that owns the bigegst collection of fire trucks!

The 63 year old businessman started collection trucks 13 years ago and now he reached the astonishingly big number of 450 unique,units.At the moment these vehicles, collectively are worth about 1 million euros!He claims that he started collection fire trucks, after being influenced by the tragic event from September 11th 2001, when many firefighters died during the rescue missions of the New York terrorist attack victims.Each truck is dedicated to the memory of one fireman.